missing you

it's this feeling
that feeling hasn't left me
the feeling where you had your arms around me and i felt safe, i felt secure and loved and i never wanted that moment to end it felt like time stopped and it was just you and me in the parking lot of the movie theater

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but i had to leave and so did you and there wasn't enough time
you let go but i still held on, i wanted this moment to last for as long as i could possibly make it
then you wrapped me in your arms again
and i looked into your eyes and realized at that moment how much i had allowed you to mean to me

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even after all of those months of pushing feelings aside and trying to convince myself it- this, all of this, was a bad idea
but i still went for it

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and here we are now
with you, miles and miles away from me
in another city with new people and exploring a different life
it's exciting and i'm excited for you, ready and willing to give you all of my support

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but i can't help it when it gets dark at night and i'm alone with my thoughts
the deep pit in my stomach, the missing you over and over again
the fantasizing of your touch, your smell, of you
your hands, your arms, your eyes, your lips, your body, your face

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and so i miss you