Okay, who doesn't love animes?

I'm obsessed with them and I have a few that I particularly love, that I want to share with you

I will list them here not in a particular order

1.【 Hunter X Hunter 】

anime, hunter x hunter, and hxh image blond, gif, and anime image anime, hunter x hunter, and hxh image anime, hunter x hunter, and hxh image
I fucking love this one so much. If you haven't watched this, then what are you doing with your life?

2. 【 Blood+】

anime, blood+, and demon image Temporarily removed anime, saya, and blood+ image blood + and saya image
Saya and Haji are like my fav characters. This anime can't be explained, you need to watch it.

3.【 Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 】

anime, blond hair, and pretty image fire, fmab, and gif image cry, gif, and night image Temporarily removed

4.【 The Earl and the Fairy 】

Edgar, lydia, and gif image
anime, boy, and girl image
If you love romance, you should definitely watch this

5. 【 Ouran high school host club 】

anime image Temporarily removed anime, brothers, and high school image Temporarily removed
this anime is funny as hell

6. 【 Owari No Seraph 】

owari no seraph, seraph of the end, and mika image anime girl cute, owari no seraph, and seraph of the end image anime, demon, and owari no seraph image anime and owari no seraph : nagoia image
for people who love vampires and demons, lots of drama and revenge