Literally nobody cares about this, but I have been loving these things this past month ☺️♡

  • Peach Slices cosmetics
90s, glossy, and lip gloss image
Peach Slices is a K-Beauty company that can be found in any store or drugstore. I personally love their lip balms, especially their peach and cherry-flavored ones! They smell amazing and leave my lips feeling soft and looking very cute ^-^
  • H&M
grey, H&M, and new york city image
I know I've been loving that place for years now, but they're seriously amazing... They recently started a project to protect the environment- if you give two bags of clothes made of any material, you can get a 17% discount. These clothes will either be given to those in need, properly recycled, or reused. I love that I can buy amazing and cheap clothes and help others at the same time :)
  • Agatha Christie
book, theme, and aesthetic image
Agatha Christie was an amazing author who wrote murder mysteries. My favorite book of hers is called "Ten Little Niggers" and it kept me up all night reading. It's a definite page-turner and it's full of unexpected plot twists. Highly recommend it!
  • IKEA
ikea shark image
Do I even need to explain this? IKEA is literal heaven and you're not convincing me otherwise.
  • Arrowhead Vines
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Arrowhead Vines, also known as Syngonium Podophyllum, are beautiful household plants. It's pretty much impossible to kill them- I have so far murdered every single one of my plants, but my Arrowhead Vines have surprisingly survived! They are doing great! Arrowhead Vines don't have to be in perfect sunlight and are pretty cheap, too. You can get them anywhere; I got mine at Home Depot.

So yeah, that's it! I'm too lazy to write more, but I hope this helped you find something you love, too!
ilysm :) <3