okay its been a while i know.

ive been so busy lately, ive been stressing so much the past months. yet again i met someone who hurt me. i thought i would know how to act. i thought it wouldnt be so painful et again. i catched feelings.

why lean me on? and then do stuff that will hurt me? he knew how i had it. and yet did me like this.

but i moved on, hes just like all other boys so i stopped caring after a while.

but then school. great...

theres so much going on and i already gave up. my parents are now so done with me. thye think im lying and that im going out with friends everyday.. why dont they belive me? its honestly not fair. it really isnt im so done with life im just trying my best to enjoy life.. by why are people like this to me. everyone around me seem so happy.. im happy for them i really am.

but when is it my turn?