Hey sweeties!
Some of you know I’m going to college so I will talk about college again. You don’t know what do you need to bring? Don’t worry I will tell you.
Hope you like it.
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My school colletion:

Bedding stuff

Most of you will live in an apartment, but I don’t know if it will have bedding set, pillows, etc. Whatever, is better go with all your bedding stuff to feel more comfortable and have some feeling of home.

bedroom, room, and home image house, bedroom, and decor image
I know our bedrooms will not be like that but i like to dream ahah


You’re gonna live alone so cooking will became part of your routine (I think ahah). There are some things that you will need a lot and maybe will not be there, like electric kettle, reusable water bottle, GLASS microwave safe food containers, aeropress coffee Maker , can opener, paper towels and trash bags.

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Yes, you will have to clean so prepare all your parents clean stuff to use, like detergents !!

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Extension cord and power strip will be important, computer and all your study material too.

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Is better bring your own towel and washcloth set, shampoo, toilet paper, hair dryer, bathrobe, etc. You should also make a first aid kid and always have it with you.

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Fun/ Decoration

You’re leaving your home to live in a place you don’t know. Take your pictures, frames, a mirror, plants, your own things :).
ALSO, take games!! If you will be alone you can take puzzles so you can do it alone, but then you’ll met some new people so take cards, “superfight”, “fluxx” or “settlers of catan”.

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