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Are you one of those people who buy notebooks for no particular reason? Is it because you find that notebook cute or aesthetically pleasing?

Are you in that stage wherein you have a collection of empty notebooks and don't know what the hell to do with them?

Think no more! I listed some ways to fill your notebooks while you're bored, or just trying to be productive.


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A journal is a place where you can put your personal stuffs.

There are different kinds of journals that you can use for your empty notebooks:

  • Bullet Journal
  • Art Journal
  • Travel Journal
  • Doodle Journal
  • Timeline Journal
  • Monthly Journal

Private Notebooks

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  • Diary
  • Username and Password Notebook
  • Money Related Stuffs


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The Commonplace Book was a 17th century creation to deal with information overwhelm. (source:

This notebook is mainly for everything. You can use this notebook to store random information you got from what you are reading, or what you have suddenly thought of. You can put your ideas, things that happened, things you want to look in the future. Just basically right everything you want in here.


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A list notebook is for the things you have subtexts. You can use this notebook for the things you need to be reminded of for a particular topic.

Things that you can include in your list notebook:

  • Monthly Favourites
  • Wishlists
  • Bucketlist or Goals
  • Groceries
  • To Do/s
  • Prompts
  • Quotes
  • Playlists
  • Swatches
  • Grateful For...etc

Class Notes

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A class notes is obviously for studying. This is what you can use for taking notes in your classes. You can either write your notes during the class, or for some situations, if you're like me, I rewrite my notes from class to my class notebook during my study time after the day.


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Now this helps with people who are currently studying. You can track down the important notes in this notebook.
It works just like a flashcard but in a notebook and it helps you to compile the important words necessary to review.

I hope this helped you as much it did to me.

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