Helooo guys. I'm little unicorn :) This is my second articlee. So let's begin.

1. Travel

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I want to travel all the world. This is my favourite dreamm. I like travel the mountains, the lakes and all about from every country and continent.

2. Το help people

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Homeless. :( This is so bad all people we have the right to have a house, health, love, and some money so that we can live. It's so bad this and I hope can to do it (maybe I write a simiral article later).

3. Adventure

adventure, money, and travel image
I love adventures. I like the dangers (with limit). I want to jump off a plane and other "dangerous" activities.

Those are the most important (for me) dreams. Thank you for reading my second article in the we Weart it. I hope to write more and I hope you liked it :) (sorry if I do any mistake) Bye guysss

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