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1. mermaids or angels?

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definitely angels. i never really understood the fascination with mermaids. even when i was a kid i was never really interested in them. also i don't really like water haha. i will go in the sea but i won't swim in it. but angels are so beautiful and magical (ノ・ェ・)ノ

2. 80s, 90s or 00s?

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🎀 no. 2 creds to nataliaandthediamonds & illbestyle on tumblr and no. 4 creds to @louisenkind & louisenkind on depop 🎀
all of them! i was born in 2001, so i love the 2000s as that's all the things i grew up with. but i also love the 80s and the 90s for the fashion, colours and tv shows like the fresh prince of bel-air!!

3. extrovert, ambivert or introvert?

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ambivert. i enjoy being alone or just at home listening to music, eating, sleeping and watching movies & shows. and i can find it difficult sometimes to speak to people i don't know. sometimes if i've made plans i'll change my mind and not want to go. but then i can also speak to people i don't know and make friends easily. i enjoy going out with friends shopping, watching movies or going pretty places to take good photos. it just depends on how i'm feeling. i'm glad to say i am becoming more extroverted now though :)

4. chocolate bars or lollipops?

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🎀 no. 1 creds to studiodiy and no. 3 creds to taeswaifu on tumblr 🎀
chocolate!! i love chocolate so much oof. i do like lollipops, but they bore me so i don't really eat them.

5. movies or books?

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movies. i never read books.

6. spring or fall?

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fall! i like it because it's not too cold and i love how pretty everywhere is when all the leaves are orange, red and gold. it's really beautiful~

7. rain or sunshine?

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🎀 no. 4 creds to martinebriavoine on pinterest & flickr 🎀
sunshine is so pretty and warm ♡ i do like rain though, but only really when i'm home.

8. dancing or singing?

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🎀 no. 2 & 3 creds to 1024_ATEEZ on twt 🎀
singing. i love both, but i sing a lot more than i dance :))

9. tea, coffee or hot chocolate?

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hot chocolate~ i don't drink tea, i sometimes drink iced coffee. hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream is really nice in fall and winter!!

10. favourite song?

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🎀 no. 1 creds to itzamedonga on tumblr, no. 2 creds to jisungschococake on tumblr, no. 3 creds to channieroo on tumblr and no. 4 creds to bosniangirlluxury on tumblr 🎀
question by stray kids!! ♡

11. favourite scent?

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12. wake up hour?

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🎀 no. 2 creds to heaveeen on ig and no. 4 creds to cosmicgoth on pinterest 🎀
between 8 and 9 usually :))

13. favourite book?

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🎀 no. 1 creds to, no. 3 creds to kittenmeats on tumblr & hal roach 🎀
the bunker diary! it's like the only book i really enjoyed and would like to read again.

14. first idol?

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my mum! i love her :))

15. what game were you best at in gym class?

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🎀 no. 2 creds to la-photographie on tumblr 🎀
badminton :))

16. where do you work?

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i work in a pub & bar! i only started saturday haha~

17. favourite childhood memory?

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spending time with my nana and grandad! my grandad is no longer with us, so i cherish the memories i have of him ♡

18. favourite subject?

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i have finished school and college now, but my favourite subjects were english and religious studies!

19. least favourite subject?

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history definitely.

20. biggest wish?

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to meet stray kids so i can tell them i love them :((

21. did you go to an all girls school or public school?

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i went to a public school. i hated school haha.

22. dream country to live in?

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🎀 no. 2 & 3 creds to rjkoehler on tumblr 🎀
south korea!~

23. something you always look forward to?

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when stray kids do vlives :))

24. ever been in love?

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with a guy irl, not really. i've had crushes on guys but i wouldn't say i was in love with them. i really love hyunjin but yano :((

25. ever cried over a guy?

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yes lmao. not recently though, i haven't dated for like 2 years oof.
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