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Here are 7 essentials for a gorgeous style.

1 | High waisted jeans
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Pair with anything from a comfy sweater to a flowy off-the-shoulder top - the options are endless!

@destinakarpat shows you how to pick the perfect pair of jeans here:

2 | Scrunchies
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Cheap, comfy, and easy to DIY, every girl should have at least a few scrunchies!

@probablyancientbeauty teaches you how to DIY your own scrunchies here:

3 | Hair clips
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We're all loving this simple yet elegant accessory.

@gypsiedoodles explains how to style them here:

4 | Unique sunglasses
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There are so many different shapes and styles to choose from!

Check out @Julielvanov 's article on some quirky summer sunglasses below!

5 | Chokers
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Everything about this accessories says elegance and fashion!
6 | Hair scarves
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Cute and simple, hair scarves are a must!

@frederikke_f_j gives you hairstyle inspo (including hair scarves!) here:

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