Hello! I have been feeling really down lately and the school has just started so sometimes I like to escape into the fantasy land of entertainment. So here is a list of TV series to watch to leave your current life!!!

The Boys

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NGL this show was not even on my radar, but it is soo fucking funny! Basically, it's a parody of the MCU about if the heroes were real but they weren't as heroic as they seem. It's edgy and i love it. It's on prime video.


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Such an inspirational and intriguing. If you have a weak stomach don't watch, but it's a true story. It really makes you think about what it would take to push you over the edge.


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Everyone watches this show literally everyone! It good aesthetically pleasing. Tbh my favorite character is Fez and I love the storyline with Nate and Maddie ugh!

Handmaids Tale

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Sooooo good it's addicting! I watched it all in one go until I had to wait until the new episode. SPOILER but the episode with the cold open and them almost getting hung with "woman's work" playing in the background almost brought me to tears


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I got hooked on this via a YT rec and I have been slowly making my way through the episodes over the last few months. I love it! Soo good very different and historical...Also the aesthetic is soo good. It slowly gets more and more gritty. The first seasons were soo good HBO is primetime for tv

Red Oaks

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Really cute I haven't finished I am on season 2. It's funny but also dramatic! If you like the 80s and relatable type humor watch it!


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I am not caught up to the new season so no spoilers, but it is soo dramatic! Like a soap opera but good! The opening always gets me soo hype.

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