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she has brown hair and blue-green eyes. gracie's faceclaim is taylor hill


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she was born in london and moved to america when she was very little so her family could be with their dad, who played major league baseball. grace was adopted by her cousins and is still very close to her biological family.


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when she's not modeling, gracie is usually mostly comfortable and likes to dress in jeans and tee-shirts. she wears a 'c' pendant around her neck from kate spade, which was a gift from her boyfriend.


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gracelynn is a model. she started by modeling for her best friend's fashion company before becoming a big name.


her entire family

since her family is so big, i'm going to just write a little bit. she has two siblings in her adopted family, brandon and josephine. her biological family has a set of twins, shawn and brian. her mom's side is very close, but their dad's side is not as close.

best friend; madilyn

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madilyn is from the hamptons, and met grace on vacation. they became inseparable and have been best friends ever since

close friends; mike and g

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mike and grace met through her brother, brandon, and same with g. they've been close ever since and stay in touch with each other

ex-fiance; daniel

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daniel was very public and it happened very fast. they were only dating for a year before getting engaged and it was super toxic for grace.

boyfriend; christian

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this couple was dating for three months, before breaking up because grace was scared to love after daniel. they ended up getting back together and had a relationship for three years before any of their friends found out.

puppy; moose

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moose was a gift from mike after what she endured with her crazy publicist. she loves him with all her heart and even named him after mike.

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