Recently ive been into enneagrams and learning about all the types. I figured out that im a type six (The Loyalist) and I felt inspired to write about it. I 100% recommend doing it if you have the time. Let me know if y'all want me to write about the other types!

I sit alone contemplating life decisions,
as the voices in my head continue to torment me.
I need help but I am too independent to do so,
and thats what hurts the most.

My anxiety keeps me away from others,
too fearful of what they have to say.
I feel so scattered,
as the ping pong ball goes back and forth so do my emotions.
Waiting to see which emotion is going to hit the hardest.

The need to feel connected haunts me.
"Tell me you'll be my home i can go to whenever im away."
Keep me secure, and help me become grounded.
Let me learn the ways to feel content with life and everything it has to offer.