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Guys, Do you know that moment in songs when instrumental parts are strong? Is just amazing

Lazy moments

bed image
You´re going to grow and you´ll be full and tired just enjoy your shit

High School

mean girls and regina george image euphoria, alexa demie, and maude apatow image
Damn i miss HS so much, i miss my friends

Rainning Days

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Those days you miss everything they´re thinking days

Sunny Days

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Good vibes remind me sunny´s days


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Frozen moments


girl and woman image
You clean and fresh that´s all

Make up

Brushes, chic, and eye shadow image makeup, lipstick, and beauty image
Your fucking face and moment just take it

Beach Trip

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Waves sounds

Woods Trips

fern, forest, and green image forest, green, and lush image
Appreciate nature


happy birthday, balloons, and birthday image pink, balloons, and party image
Celebrate your day, please.

Hope you enjoy, THANKS.