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A R I E S ~ Emma Watson

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Her strength, enthusiasm, fighting ability and leadership skills of the Aries woman identify her as the main characteristics in most cases.

T A U R U S ~ Megan Fox

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Woman of great character, very resilient, with great willpower, very hard-working and great willpower that leads her to get all goals

G E M I N I ~ Angelina Jolie

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Dual personality so it is very difficult to understand. Enjoy with people because she have great social skills product of an awake, fast and curious intelligence.

C A N C E R ~ Meryl Streep

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They have great emotional sensitivity and deep faith towards their beliefs, their personality is very maternal, they will always have open arms to comfort.

L E O ~ Jennifer Lawrence

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The women of the leo sign are very friendly, perfectionist to the extreme, their creativity and enthusiasm is contagious and they love social relationships, it's usually the center of attention for their power of convocation and conviction.

V I R G O ~ Zendaya and Lili Reinhart

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It is one of the most earthly zodiac signs, which gives it a certain air of seriousness, responsibility, realism and serenity in all its acts.

L I B R A ~ Kate Winslet and Emilia Clarke

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It tends to be sensitive to the needs of others and is generally very sociable. They don't support conflicts and cruelty and are very diplomatic in the face of conflicts.

S C O R P I O ~ Shailene Woodley

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The Scorpio woman is reserved for your privacy, doesn't allow anyone to access her feelings. There are no obstacles for this woman who defends her convictions in front of everyone.

S A G I T T A R I U S ~ Amanda Seyfried

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Cheerful, outgoing, pleasant, independent and original. Sagittarius women are restless and curious, they never stop looking for new experiences

C A P R I C O R N ~ Nina Dobrev

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The Capricorn woman has high-reaching goals, is resourceful, purposeful, analyst and reflective.

A Q U A R I U S ~ Elizabeth Olsen

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The Aquarius woman has a sociable, sensitive personality, helps others and will be the most loyal friend you can have, freedom and independence are her most precious possessions.

P I S C E S ~ Sophie Turner and Lily Collins

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Feminine,dreamer,friendly, with a tender touch, has an aura that conveys calm and harmony so being with her is relaxing and provides optimism, tranquility and confidence.
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