ok here's the deal: i am constantly updating my spotify.
it gets frustrating because all i want to do is share the music i love with all of you lovely people; but there is just simply to much of it.

so i thought i'd make a playlist that consists of my 20 favorite indie/alt/viby songs that you probably haven't heard before & i update it every week to keep it fresh.

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i'm always making new playlists. if you're interested, maybe check out my account?

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Week 5

  • a punk song about how law enforcement ruins everything - (person) (noun)
  • perfect time - jonnycatland
  • wine song - wet mut
  • slowdown - lunar vacation
  • boring - thanks for coming
  • mortal bus boy - shelf life
  • pretzel drunk - beverly tender
  • (i can't wait to) walk outside after it rains - free cake for every creature
  • she's a flake - la lenguas
  • punk with an "X" - walter mitty and his makeshift orchestra
candle, aesthetic, and art image abstract, art, and french image
  • stop playin' girl - sundiver ca
  • hey girl - paul cherry
  • i tie my shoes like edward norton - parking lots
  • ended up not responding - .michael.
  • microwave light - beagles
  • white trash v.h.s - coma cinema
  • o.t.d - brad stank
  • bubblegum! - sam plant
  • a screw fell from his head - spud cannon
  • my neighbor is a drug dealer - beagles

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