Hey, I'm writing my third article now, I didn't think these articles will really help me in my book, but I just typed more than 1500 words after my block, and I'm really glad I started this, so anyway, another character aesthetic from my first book, this time I introduce Nicole to you, enjoy.

My Book Character - Nicole- As An Aesthetic.


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Nicole is short and thin, she has also short, brown hair and greyish eyes.


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She wears mostly skirts and she loves wearing smart, trendy clothes.

Love interest

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She slowly fell in love with the sarcastic, emotionless man who has a charming side very, very deep down. Louis works for Nicole's father, but this didn't stop them from driving each other crazy.


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Well, she is definetely a difficult person. She is ambitous, hard-working, creative and strong-minded tho. She knows what she wants, ( mostly coffee and Louis) but she doesn't want to get close to people, bc she is afraid that everybody will leave her, like her mother.


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She is a starter journalist, she works for her father's firm in summer, she loves poems, books and writing. She's addicted to coffee and she spent most of her time with Louis.

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