Hi, people♥! I'm back again with this new article, it's exciting to talk about the boys I really love, so here we go.

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First song(s) you listened to:

Temporarily removed
boy in luv
aesthetic, alternative, and jin image
just one day

Favorite bts song:

bts, i need u, and jimin image Inspiring Image on We Heart It bts, jin, and jimin image dance practice, bts, and bts baepsae image bts, v, and rm image broken, fall apart, and heartbreaker image
i need u / young forever / dope / baepsae / 4 o´clock / save me / & more of them i could say i love them all

Favorite solo:

awake, jin, and bts image Temporarily removed bts, jimin, and art image August, fire, and comeback image
awake / stigma / serendipity / agust d


idols, kpop, and bangtan image jhope, bts, and hobi image Temporarily removed bts, jhope, and hobi image
cute and sexy, he's my sunshine

Bias wrecker:

Image by hanaasaa43
i can't decide:(, i love them, they have my chicken heart, but if i need to choose well. . .
bts, fansite, and suga image Image by Chimyoonki Temporarily removed Image by valeriacuppone
min yoongi attacks me in blind times

Favorite era:

Temporarily removed
the most beautiful moment in life

Favorite video:

mv and i need u image Image by raine Temporarily removed Image by Uẩn
i need u/ run / blood, sweat & tears / spring day

Favorite album:

bts, aesthetic, and album image kpop, v, and wings image
the most beautiful moment in life and wings

Favorite chores:

dance, dope, and gif image
d o p e
Forever Young, gif, and Save Me image
save me
gif, jin, and v image
mic drop

Favorite ship:

Temporarily removed kpop, bangtan, and vhope image bts, jin, and rm image Temporarily removed
yoonmin / vhope / namjin / vkookmin (these three are a disaster)

Cutest member:

jin, bts, and seokjin image jin, v, and bts image baby, googie, and preview image boy, icon, and layout image Image removed bts, v, and jhope image
all of them

Funniest member:

gif image
meme jk
gif, bts, and hoseok image
hobbie and his laughs
gif, jin, and bts image
jin is a meme-laughing-joke

Favorite vocalist:

bts, jungkook, and jimin image jin, line, and v image
all of them ♥

Favorite rapper:

rm, bts, and suga image bts, magic shop, and hoseok image
all of them ♥

Favorite dancer:

Temporarily removed
obviously all

Favorite dance practice video:

Temporarily removed
adorable, dance practice, and bts image
ohgod, i love this
gif, go go, and seven dwarfs image

Favorite rap line song:

bts, suga, and rm image Temporarily removed
cypher pt4; forever will rock

Favorite japanese song:

crystal, ice, and snow image bts and crystal snow image
crystal snow makes me soft

Best style:

jin, outfit, and v image blue, jin, and outfit image


With who I share style:

jin, paris, and v image Image removed bts, suga, and yoongi image jin, outfit, and v image
i'm a mix with this four