hey love,

i'm surprised i haven't really shared my morning routine with you guys but i'm excited now so let's go...

1. waking up at 6:40 AM
of course waking up is part of every morning routine, but it's especially important when your alarm startles you and you wake up as if someone pulled your leg out of the covers, isn't that fun?

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2. brushing my teeth/washing my face
after stumbling into the bathroom, i put my hair up and start brushing my teeth then i wash my face with my face wash and i try to do that for about a minute. after that i put on my moisturzier and a new addition to the routine called witch hazel, i spray that over my face

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3. makeup
i start doing my makeup, and luckily it's not a time consuming routine, it takes me about a half an hour to do it all. i start out with SPF primer, move on to foundation and then concealer. then after, i do setting powder, mascara, eyebrows and highlighter which is always optional for me. simple

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4. getting dressed
my style is really simple, nothing that pops out because i'd rather not be noticed at all. so generally it's oversized hoodies or sweatshirts, jeans and leggings, nothing brightly colored and 99% of the time, sneakers. i used to plan my outfits the night before and lay them out but then i forgot i have a memory so i plan it all in my head

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5. breakfast
why would anyone eat anything other than breakfast foods? leslie knope said that and i massively agree. although my breakfast consists of sugary cereals such as cinnamon toast crunch. i don't have much of an appetite in the morning although i know if i won't eat i'll be starving and no one wants to hear a whale call during 3rd period

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and that is my morning routine, of course after all that it's waking up my drowsy mom to drop me off at hell but i like the way i start my mornings and i hope you do to. please like this article

bye love