Hi Hearters!

Here on WHI I have always seen Disney princesses aesthetics, so I thought... why can't I make a Disney PRINCES one?

I think it should be fun so... let's start!

Prince Adam – The Beauty and the Beast
Temporarily removed blue image royalty image Inspiring Image on We Heart It vintage, light, and old image disney, rose, and beauty and the beast image
Kristoff – Frozen
animal, snow, and winter image mountains, nature, and tree image winter, sled, and snow image frozen, gray, and ice image boy, blonde, and hair image eyes, aesthetic, and boy image
Eugene Fitzherbert/ Flynn Rider – Tangled
disney, crown, and princess image rapunzel, tower, and aesthetic image tangled, wanted, and flynn rider image bag, brown, and deviantart image disney, rapunzel, and weapon image Image removed
Prince Naveen – The Princess and The Frog
menswear, ties, and prep image Inspiring Image on We Heart It animals, frogs, and green image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed music image
Prince Eric – The Little Mermaid
Temporarily removed eyes, green, and eye image boy, aesthetic, and body image water, grunge, and boy image Temporarily removed dog, aesthetic, and max image
Li Shang – Mulan
red, armor, and dragon image boy, hands, and male image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed arm, blue, and Constantine image art, beautiful, and gold image

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