It's raining again,
The sunflowers are drenched in sadness,
It happened upon your leave,
I bet you’re at the heavens gate right now,
Waiting for us to meet again,
But every second seems to last even longer,
So missing you became a bigger torment,
Each and every day,
My breathing’s getting harder in any way,
I know it’s cliché,
But at least true at that,
Asking myself;
“What am I still doing here?”
Because you took all of me,
And left,
So suddenly,
And I never imagined,
Your departure would have such effect,
That your absence would feel so hollow, empty, and spacious,
Giving me such an extreme shock,
All at the same time,
To not see you light up,
With that smile,
Not anymore,
As if you were meant to go out with a “Bang”,
Leaving nothing but scattered hearts,
And brains,
Even the sunflowers are crying over you,
It only proves the greatly impact you had,
On all those around you,
Filled with love and sadness,
How horrible I didn’t get to spend more time with you,
Time everybody else díd get,
Never filling up the space in your house anymore,
Where you used to walk around,
With such warmth,
Looking back at our lives,
It’s so bittersweet,
Walking through sunflower fields,
You know I’ll always think of you,
Watching the butterflies,
Watching the sunset,
Even the falling stars,
Sometimes I just can’t help myself,
You’re ghosting my every thought,
I hope you know,
Everything I do is with love,
I’ll keep you with me,
In my heart and mind,
Know that I won’t ever forget,
The memories we díd get to share,
And please wait for me,
Because one day I will be there too,
So my dearest,
Again, until we meet,
I’ll make sure my life is spent.