you know i care
i care for your smile,
i care for your happiness.
i care for your life,
i care for you.

there are no words that could explain the butterflies eating me from inside out everytime you laugh, everytime i see your eyes spark joy and everytime i see your lips smile.
Cause you know i care.
i care so much for your smile,
for your happiness,
for your life.
i would sacrifice my everything for you.
everytime i see you feel sad or depressed, i am there for you. i care so much for you that i know exactly what could make you feel better.
i get chocolate, i get movies and music, i draw pictures of your favourite band because i know it will make you smile.
everytime you plan to go out with someone but get dumped, i am there for you. i care so much for you that i even love being your second choice. i drop everything and do my best to make your wishes come true because i know it will make you happy.
everytime you wanna talk about something, i am there for you. i care so much for you that l will isten to your stories as many times as you want me to. i will quietly enjoy the harmony inside of me when i hear the sounds of your deep and warmth voice as words because i know that i will get to know you even more.

you know i care for you,
because i fell in love with you.

and even though you rejected me because i wasn't good enough, we both still know that you make use of me caring for your smile, your happiness, your life. and i don't care for you using me because i care for myself.
i know it would break me even more to not be there for you. because i care for you, i always will.

so why can't you care more for me and stop playing with me?
but most importantly, why can't i care for myself myself to stop you from using me?
maybe because i care so much.