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ღ hello loves ! ღ

here are some ideas.

• online shopping
• goals
• dream tracker
• assignments
• habit tracker
• moods

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• grade tracker
• things you learned today
• reading list/movie list
• productivity
• daily reminders
• quotes/poetry

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•yearly goals
•new year Resolution page
•food recipes
•cleaning schedule

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• curiosity page
• morning routine
• night routine
• letter to your future/past self
• travel journal mood board
• memories log

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• brain dump
• week review
• appointments
• a month of happiness
• advice
• packing list

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• ways to relax
• your fears and /or how to overcome them
• 5-year plan
• music log/playlist
• class schedule
• swatches

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• bucket list
• list of achievements
• what i'm working for (motivational)
• beautiful words
• beautiful things
• your overused words and phrases

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• things that inspire you
• things that make you happy
• things to do when you're stressed out
• things to do when you're bored
• things you want/need
• things to try

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• rainy day to do list
• favorite smells/essential oils
• favorite games
• favorite food(s)
• favorite songs/artists
• skills to learn

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• places you have been/want to visit
• useful websites
• mood playlist
• master chore list
• plant care guide
• color schemes

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that's all, thank you for reading this. it was long.