I have been seeing a lot of this type of articles lately and I thought that it would be a good idea to share some of my favorite animes and here they are, hope you like it.

-My hero academia

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I absolutely love MHA it's the typical story of a shounen anime where the guy is not as good as the other ones but he does everything to change that, he puts so much effort in the things that he does, he is an amazing person and because of that everybody trusts him. Well but if MHA was just that it wouldn't be in this list, i don't really know why i think this anime is different, idk if it's because it gives me so many emotions or if i just admire the characters of the show. But i really love My Hero Academia.

-The promised Neverland

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If I had to discribe this anime in just one word it would be WOW, this anime is so good, you never know what to expect. If you didn't watch it yet you really need to put this in your watch list.

-Say i love you

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The first animes that I started watching were all shoujos and if I had to pick one of them I would pick this one. It's not the usual type of shoujo that take 12 episodes for the protagonists to realize that they like each other. If you like romance animes you should watch this one.


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This anime it's perfect for me to watch when I'm feeling down, in the beginning i didn't understand what was happening but after some episodes it became one of my favorites.

- Yuri on ice

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I really like sports animes so this one is one of my favourite sports animes, i watched all the 12 episodes in just one day and i enjoyed it so much.


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Until now this was the anime that made me cry the most, it has a beautiful and touching story. It talks about friendship and the loss of an important person.

-Kuroko no Basket

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Never tought that i would like an anime about basketball, but the truth is that i like it a lot.

-Blue Spring Ride

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This anime shows exacly how life can change a person. I really liked this anime is cute and sad at the same time but I really love it.

-Attack on Titan

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I loved this show since the first episode, you never know what to expect because this anime is always surprising you and you never know what is going to happen, definitely one of my favorites.


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Last but not least HAIKYUU, I mean I LOVE this anime in the first episodes I didn't know anything about voleyball but after the first season I actually wanted to play voley. In this anime they show the emotions of the players not just the main team but the other ones too. You want the main team to win but you don't want the others to lose too. For me, it is the best sports anime that I have ever watched.