With thunder in our souls and a wildfire raging in our veins,
we're going to be the light in the storms you left us with.
- Dear Gen Y

'Cause we're going to be the new revolution,
the rising evolution.

With pain in our hearts
and pens in our hands,
we're ready to wage a war.

With love in our hearts
and mics in our hands,
we're ready to conquer everything... Everything.

Being moving atoms with a human face,
we're ready to change it all.

With freedom in our minds
and shackles on our hands,
we're ready to take 'em down.

With hope in our blood
and scars on our hearts,
we're ready to scream our stories out loud.

With a strong will
and a common dream,
we shall do it all.

- Fight back

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Hope and smiles