Hey, it's me. Remember? The girl that fell for you but you didn't fall too so you could see...
I know you don't care about me anymore and yes, I know I should just get over it and forget about everything we had. But I can't. Believe me... I tried...
But I can't.
Because YOU made me happy!
Because YOU were the only person that texted me every day and enjoyed talking to me.
Because YOU listened.
Because YOU made me smile.
Because YOU made me feel okay about myself.
Because YOU gave me oxygen when I was drowning...
Because YOU made me care about you.
I was in love with you but you loved someone else.
Why did you make me fall in love with you?
I was ready to open up and let you in... I was ready to tell you what is wrong and I was ready to tell you how I felt.
I was ready to get out of the grave I was trapped in.. I was ready to build a new world and begin again.
But you were just making me feel good and waited for the best moment to crush down on my almost opened grave and closed it again. You put another lock on it and I can't get out.
Now my grave is a home that I am trapped in and can't get out and that is your fault.
But it doesn't matter. Because I still love you. And I don't think I will stop loving you until I took my last breath and close my eyes forever.

But I still, wish you the best.