I love him.

I love him for his sharp mind, ingenuity, and artificial realism in his #dystopian/ #utopian and fantastic stories. He makes me believe him every time. Regardless that i know it's a story. I believe it. I believe him. His #shortstories are like an exquisite filling snack that gives you enough energy for the whole day: compact, intense and delicious. I actually constantly end up googling the background of the story in order to see if this really happened or at least if it can happen. And that is not really the most surprising part. You know what is?

I am truly sad when the answer is no: if I do not find that it is a true story or that at least there is some scientific base for this story.

Get to It

I will not sing #Kurt 's praise too long. And if you like this article, i will follow-up with a more detailed list of stuff worth reading based on my subjective and absolutely correct opinion

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see what i did there?

Two for now:

Report on the Barnhouse Effect


- for all you #lawofattraction fans, not so #secret seekers, #energy believers, #buddhism lovers, and general #kindness warriors. It's just fun to see the same concepts of "you can achieve anything with your mind/energy/soul's power" portrayed from unexpected sources in unexpected ways..

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Energy is what moves everything in this world. So, create the right energy to create the right life.
Unready to wear


a must read for everyone in order to learn to take his/her body both less, and same time more serious: to come to perceive it as what it truly is - a vessel that you are given, and you simply need to maintain. I don't think i have ever seen a cleverer mirror of our body. It will make you go - damn, it's true!

and even think one step further: what if what he writes were actually possible - would I dare to do it? and what if i'd anyways borrow the mindset for the time being?

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you are sooo much more than your body. always remember that.

just a play on what ifs..


Just a general on a importance of widening your brain through reading.. about importance of thinking on your own (as much as this is even possible nowadays). about not becoming a slave of these things in your hands right now: screens of light that suck the light out of you.

Ray Bradbury - Fahrenheit 45

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talk to each other. share your honest thoughts bravely. read

In conclusion, i just want to say, there is this ocean of knowledge and astonishing good literature that puts your brain on a treadmill and gives you the fittest intellectual body you can dream of. Never get off it. Maybe yours is a different kind of equipment, and not a Vonnegut Brand. That's ok. As long as you keep working out. Keep working out your brain. I just have seen great results from this short sessions with Kurt.

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