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✎ school level
i start university in exactly a month today!

✎ what subjects are you studying?
i will be completing a psychology foundation year, and then (hopefully) going onto psychology with criminology

✎ favourite subject
psychology, of course

✎ school bag must haves
notebooks, pens, pencils, highlights, rubbers, staplers, paperclips (basically as much stationary as humanely possible), any necessary textbooks, headphones, water bottle, painkillers, my phone & laptop, lip balm, hand sanitizer, any necessary toiletries, etc.

✎ favourite stationary
pens & highlighters

✎ go to apps
i don't really use any apps, i mainly use websites such as kahoot, quizlet, etc. maybe i should invest in some study apps this time around!

✎ best school memory
probably just being able to spend time with all my friends (most are moving away soon for university and that makes me so sad. i love you guys always & forever)

✎ motivation to study
the thought of failing & not achieving my goals is the biggest one. background/white noise also helps keep me focused, such as - i use this all the time

✎ advice and/or tips
do not procrastinate work until last minute, it makes you feel worse and you rush the work, so it is never a true reflection of your intelligence/understanding/capabilities. always start revising for exams early! it may seem like a pain, but the hard work pays off in the end. never feel bad for looking up stuff online - those resources are there for a reason, and they can really help! study groups can be helpful and fun, but if interacting with others isn't for you (i feel you), try and find somewhere quiet, like a cafe or a library or even just somewhere outside like your garden. most importantly of all, do not ever doubt yourself and your abilities. do not give up on your dreams. even if it seems hard, you can and will make it.

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