hey, today you are going to read about my 2019 summer glow up (part 2).

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I really wanted to start organizing my life in a different way, such as school stuff or just other things like concerts, festivals or simply things you can do in t. I really want to enjoy more things, to be more active and to create memories.


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To be honest, there were plenty of days when I didn't eat any breakfast before going to school and I do want to change that. Getting a simple breakfast biscuit, some eggs or a banana in the morning will help me get through the day.

I also want to eat more veggies and fruits, and try other foods I never tried before.

Enjoying Simple Things

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I've always enjoyed simple things, but I just want to continue that and to be more aware of it. Things such as a nice view, a kind text message, a good homemade meal or spending time with your family

Setting goals

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I think that setting goals for yourself is a great motivation and a booster. It is definitly a step on your being your greater self. There are plenty of goals you can set: work or mental goals for example.

I won't be sharing my goals here because I think that keeping some goals for yourself is a great way to actually achieve them.

so that's the end of this second part, hope you liked it. heart it if you did. see youu