Helooo guys. I'm little unicorn :) This is my first articlee. So let's begin.

1. I am Italian

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My mum was born in Venise and my dad in a small village in Italy.

2. I have a sister

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My sister is 17 years old. We look a lot. And I love her sooo much.

3. I have two kittens

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The one is called Tomy. Is gray with blue eyes and is veery small.The second is called Jack and is also gray but with green eyes . I love them soo mych.

4. My favourite food is burger with fries

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I just love burgers and fries because it's sooo yummy for me.Βut is good for only once in a month unfortunately :(

5. My favourite music band is Arctic Monkeys

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I love this band.I like it because they have veery nice voice, they have very good songs with beautiful lyrics. I prefer to all peoplee.

Thank you for reading my first arcticle in the Weart it. I hope to write more and I hope you liked it :) (sorry if I do any mistake) Bye guysss

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