I always wonder. Wonder in my head, inside my thoughts, wonder why I am always wondering when I am supposed to face real life. A life that doesn't always come easy and slaps you in the face when you never imagined you will have to turn the other cheek. And you did nothing wrong.

The optimist in me overshadowing the shadow is how I live every day. Today, optimism and pessimism reversed their roles to teach me a lesson. Never, ever expect someone to reciprocate the way you are with them. Because not everyone is built like you, with your character.

How can one simple fact ruin my whole mood? I wonder. How can someone be so loyal to someone, yet so unessential and undervalued in a "friendship" or any kind of "ship"? I also wonder. A ship that wonders to nowhere and will never dock on the same port anytime soon. That's who I am now.