Your dreams.
Yeah, YOUR dreams. are knocking on my door. I can hear them.
Dreams, remember? You have DREAMS.
Real f-ing beautiful dreams.
That you wanted to pursue when you were just a little girl.
They're kinda dusty, leaving on that corner shelf, ya know?

Someone once said she
was determined
to achieve her dreams
because without them
she wouldn't know who she is.
It was you
you only don't know it -

Do not forget about the music
in the hustle and bustle of the city
in the rush of your day
Don't leave Art forgotten
in the midst of everyday routine.

Cause life makes sense.
YOUR life makes sense.
Do you hear it now?
Hear it any better?
The music.
Oh, baby, don't forget to dance to it.

And in the depths of my heart I know
I believe
your dreams will come
They are.
Coming true.
Just believe.

have faith.

This' so cliche.
But so real.
Oh, so real .