Sometimes when you wake up in the morning, you feel like you don't wanna do anything, just stay on bed and maybe sleep more. but today I would like to motivated to change that for something better for you and for your mental & physical health.

It's time to start dear

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Sometimes we stay on bed thinking about if our studies or work really are necessary for our life just for more minutes to sleep, but it's time to change that. Wake up early thinking that would be an amazing day with new things, new learnings, and with another attitude. Strech your body and get up of your bed.

Exercise & relax shower

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Exercise it's the best way to start our day and get a lot of energy. Do things like cardio, run, dumbbells, etc. And when you finish take a good shower to help your muscles to get relax and feel better to start your day more refresh.

Good breakfast & time with yourself

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The most important meal of the day. food it's something delicious haha but you need to start with a good and healthy breakfast, never is a bad idea to eat some fruits, tea or Coffe (it's ur decision), and toast or pancakes. Or if you prefer something like a bowl with oat or granola with chia and other things it's an amazing option. Then, take a time to be with yourself, listening music, reading a book, watch tv, whatever you want and you like, it's your time.

Don't think too much

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When you overthinking the things you begin to feel unmotivated so, it's better to just enjoy the moment and try to be more relax about yourself and about your decisions, nobody is perfect, fails always happen so you need to see the life like an adventure with learnings and get fun.