so I took myself on a self development and self love journey 2years ago and i thought it wasa going to be easy. but loving yourself is surelly a journey a long journey but worth it.

i don't like using the word depressed but i felt depressed and i thought the best way to not feel like this is to do what people are always talking about "selflove selflove" and i told myself i should try it and so i did.

i tried to find ways to improve myself i looked over on youtube on tips for selflove and shit but i didnt get what i needed so i did my own thing.(its alot f things that i did tell me in the comments if you want me to show you the steps and trick and tips on my selflove journey)

anyways after this journey now its 2019 and i started in 2017. I finally noticed i'm receiving compliments from people and my own mother e.g you look great you look happier.
managed to control my anxiety and am more confident A LOT more .
I am feeling good and stressing less
I noticed that i have become more productive; i started getting in the habits of finishing task earl and staying motivated
Im having better relationships with other and family
not to forget how i'm learning new things and discovering more about me

I am really grateful for putting myself in this journey i love this stage of my life , i have become more clear in my head about my life and goals.
i'm enjoying my life knowing more about myself and accepting the girl i have become.
i noticed that i started wearing clothes that i usually felt insecure about . i also became the queen of positivity.

thank you for reading