Hi hearters!!

I'm ☽Claudia and this is my first article. I'm from Spain, and I'm sorry if there is incorrect grammar or something.

I recently watched Euphoria, and I really like it! One of the things that I liked the most was the characters. Each one of these has an unique and a different personality.

In these article I picked up some pictures that represents each character and their most significative quotes.

Let's start.

★ яυє

90s image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed quotes image Temporarily removed zendaya, euphoria, and rue image
"This is the feeling I have been searching for my entire life, for as long as I could remember. Because suddenly... the world went quiet. And I felt safe, in my own head."

★ Jυlєѕ

pink, train, and aesthetic image makeup, glitter, and aesthetic image motel and light image holographic image Temporarily removed makeup, glitter, and aesthetic image
“Bitch, this isn’t the 80s. You need to catch a dick!”

★ иαte

boy, sexy, and man image love, couple, and kiss image aesthetic, american football, and boys image Temporarily removed Image by BEYA🥀 Temporarily removed
"You want some fucking attention? 'Cause I'll give you some fucking attention."

★ мαddу

Abusive image Image by ttlebri euphoria, alexa demie, and makeup image aesthetic, cheerleader, and riverdale image Image by iwasalilac_sky Temporarily removed
"Yeah, I'm not supposed to be here right now, because I'm dressed like a hooker and none of you like me, but I just wanted to say congratulations."

★ кαt

Temporarily removed artsy, cyber, and dark image Temporarily removed euphoria, quotes, and series image euphoria, kat, and barbie ferreira image grunge, aesthetic, and black image
"There's nothing more powerful than a fat girl who doesn't give a fuck."

★ ¢αѕѕιє

euphoria, sydney sweeney, and cassie image makeup, blue, and eyes image ice, ice skating, and skate image Image removed aesthetic, alternative, and beauty image Temporarily removed
"We should just pick the hottest, most confident, bad bitch version of ourselves, and be that for the rest of the school year."

My euphoria collection:

And that's all. I hope you enjoyed it ♡