I'm sure that by now you've all been acquainted with the fires that have been raging all over our planet. Those fires are much more serious than we think - so much life has been irretrievably destroyed.

There are many speculations regarding the cause of those horrible fires - was it caused by the global warming or by humans? Well, in this article I'm not going to talk about that, although it is one very important issue as well.

In this article I'll share a few habits that could really make a difference and help our planet get better.

Less plastic!

Please, when there is an alternative to plastic - use it:

  • you can swap plastic bottles with a glass bottle
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  • use stainless steel or bamboo straws instead of single-use plastic ones
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  • cook at home rather than buying food packaged in plastic
  • buy in stores instead online bc less plastic is used that way
  • use totes, linen bags, instead of paper and plastic ones
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  • stop using plastic cups, plates and cutlery

Responsible shopping

Now, this is often forgotten when speaking about what we could do for our planet.

By responsible shopping, I'm referring to buying less or buying only what you ACTUALLY need/want. Whether it is food, clothes or something else, buying less also means creating less waste that might damage our environment later.

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*** One of the users here has told me about shops in some european countries in which you can rent clothes which is actually another great way of expressing your style without harming the environment. So if you're interested you can ask around to find out if there are similar shops where you live 😄

Recycling ♻

If you have something that you no longer use, it is always good idea to recycle it: paper, glass, plastic, batteries can be recycled by organizing them in their bins. Clothes and furniture, cars and old machines (TV, radio, computers, etc) can all be recycled... so please ask around where you live and get informed on where you can throw the things you no longer need.

This step should always come as an alternative to the previous, because even when we recycle - the litter and pollution still exist.


Compost is very important, yet again too little talked about:

  • it is the best NATURAL fertilizer
  • it is made of scraps of food (egg shells, fruit and vegetable peels, spoiled leftovers of absolutely any meal...) so it is a way of recycling

Just imagine how much better and healthier it would be for us and our planet if we used compost as fertilizer rather than those artificial ones.

Yes, it can smell badly but that's normal….
so we just have to suck it up 🤷‍♀

Shower instead of taking a bath

This way you use way less clean water. I know that you sometimes like to relax by taking a bath, which is okay as long as it is not too often. (I myself only shower bc I feel too much guilt when I use so much water for a bath)

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Use less electricity

This way you're saving your money and at the same time polluting less!
Don't forget to turn off the lights and appliances when you're not using them.

I also try to do everything I need while it is still day, so I don't need to turn on lights during the night.

Read the labels! 👓

Plastic can be found even in cosmetic products (as microbeads in peelings, etc). That type of plastic is the worst because it is often very toxic and small which is how it gets in the drinkable water and is often found in the fish and other sea creatures that we eat !

Avoid using harsh chemicals

If you have a garden or if you have ever had any experience with gardening you are probably familiar with harsh chemicals like herbicides, pesticides and artificial fertilizers. They are very dangerous because using them we are releasing toxic substances into the ground. That way those toxic chemicals often end up in rivers, lakes, seas … destroying important ecosystems and leaving nothing but death. It can also pollute the sources of drinkable water !

Plant if you have a chance

Having your own plants is actually very cool bc it is a great decoration and can be very fulfilling. And the best thing is that you're helping clean the air !

If you live in a house you can make yourself a garden and if you live in an apartment you can decorate your balcony or windows with some beautiful plants. ✨

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*Note that having a lot of plants in a closed room isn't a great idea bc during the day the plants use CO2 from the air and produce oxygen, but at night the process is reverse so the plants actually take the oxygen and give back CO2.

Walk, cycle or use public transportation

Whenever I can I walk. When I have to go somewhere further I either ride my bicycle or take a bus. It is not that hard + it is a great way of watching your figure 😉

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Less meat, more vegetables and fruits!

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Meat is important part of a healthy diet, but in right amount.

The problem with eating too much meat isn't just that it's bad for your health, but for the environment as well. Not because the animals release methane, which they do, but because of the whole industry and the way it is produced.(animals have always produced methane and other gases but they were in nature so the plants regulated the amount of those gases in the athmosphere - which isn't the case today)

The poor animals are often held in terrible conditions - too small space for too much of them - they don't have the space to walk or run, often held in closed buildings without the access to the outside. We can see that a lot of times people misbehave towards them - they beat them and worse…

So by eating less meat you are helping put an end to it - another great way to stop the cruelty of those big meat industries is to buy from your local farms and markets. That way you are sure of buying healthy meat of an animal that had normal life (you are also helping the people around you and boycotting the monopols).

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You can also eat fish instead of meat, but don't forget that eating too much fish isn't good either because there is a problem with overfishing as well.

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I hope that you will note some of these advices and that you will be more thoughtful of your actions and the consequences they bring.

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We must do something so our coasts and sea could continue to be as beautiful…
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And for our sky to continue being blue and bright…
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unlike this 😔

Thank you for reading this article 😊
Wish you all a good day ✌🏼

*** I used some photos in this article that aren't mine, so if owner/s of photo/s are not okay with that, just send me a message and I'll remove them.

I've researched everything that I've written about in this article, but if I have maybe put some information that you know isn't right, be free to let me know :)