This is the time of the year where school starts and we all have big plans for this school year.
So here is the motivation you need to maintain your goals all through this school year.
Hope you like those quotes and keep them close to you. <3

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Starting is the hardest part but it is so worthy!
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Small steps are still steps.
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I believe you can achieve anything you want if you truly try.
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Be your own autority.
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Some things can take you more time and it's OK.
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Don't stress too much about grades, try using them to visualize your progress.
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Try to remember why you are where you are and keep in mind where you wan't to be in the future.
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Everybody is different and each one of us has its own qualities. You are unique and that's important.
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Learn from everything! So you won't repeat your mistakes ever after.
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Last but not least, I truly believe that you should do what you really love; even though it isn't easy for everyone to find what that is. Remember that as long as you're doing what you love, things will seem easier and you will be way more motivated to progress.

Find your dream job and if it doesn't exist, invent it.

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