Sometimes we meet the right people at the wrong time.
Cliche but true.

Sometimes we are in a really bad place.
We know that we have to grow so much.
We know that we will make it, but we know it will be hard.

When we are in this bad place we suddenly meet someone.
Someone who shakes our world.
Someone who is in a good place.
And someone who we immediately admire.

But we know it's the wrong time for us to fall in love.
We are full of small broken pieces that we got to fix.
We don't want to open up because we know we are a mess inside.
Ultimately we are afraid we won't be loved at our worst.

Finally we work hard on ourselves, we "fix" ourselves.
We get better.
We get stronger.
And we try to find that someone again, because we want to open up.

But it's too late now, because they won't open up.
We regret.
We regret not opening up when we were at our worst.
And we just hope, hope and pray that they will someday open up.

We know that we got to move forward.
We want to move forward.
But hope lingers, and just a little hope is all we need.
To keep waiting on them.

Inspired by these lines from Throwback by Shaun Frank & Delaney Jane

"We got lost somewhere, we got lost somehow.
Made so many plans that we forgot about.
But we can get it back from the lost and found.
How about now? How about now?"