The weight of the world is suddenly crushing me

Waking me,



The echos of screaming children, once again

Enter my mind

I feel the jolting power of a colossal wave strike my ship

I run to the deck

My vision is quickly painted with the unpleasant sight of

Dark skies, covered in turbulent clouds

Ready to steer my ship out of this storm

I latch on to the steering wheel

Wondering where my crew is

Then, it hits me

I don't have a crew

I caption this ship by myself

My anxious thoughts, now race quicker

The wind speed increases

Waves swing and sway at the base of my ship

I jolt in every direction at the movement of waves rocking my ship

My grip on the steering wheel slightly breaking

The fear for my life

Is the glue keeping my hands fixed to the steering wheel

As I am trying to steer this ship out of the storm

The storm abruptly calms

My movements slowed

The ship, no longer shaking

I am baffled as to why the storm went and left so quickly

My adrenaline still high

I take deep breaths

Slowly easing my body and mind

The wretched sound of screaming children have left

I faintly remember the sounds

The weight of the world no longer on my shoulders

I barely remember the feeling

Anxious thoughts still reside in the depths of my mind

Mere minutes ago, I felt like death was beside me

But now, the feeling is gone

I am no stranger to the kind of night

We're no friends

But I can tell you where this night lives

The ship is now steady

The grey and turbulent skies are washed away by stars and the relaxing colors of the galaxy

The suffocating feeling of fear for my life has vanished

My breathing now steady

Still shook

As if it was a warning for something bigger...?

My fatigue soon replaced my anxious thoughts

As time passes and I settle

Going back down in the cabin

Climbing under my bedsheets

Slowly retreating back to my slumber

Without any thoughts of the recent occurrence?


A feather gently tickles my mind of the teasing and terrifying storm


I disregard the feeling of the feathery, irritating touch

As if it was never there

Maybe this was all to prepare me for if a long horrible storm were to hit?

I wonder and wonder until the sluggish feeling of sleep pounds it's fist on me

All though, just hit by a terrifying storm

I am still



I then fell victim of sleep's assault

And drifted into sleep

Sleeping the actions of the night away

Unbothered, by another visitation of a storm.