since i have no idea for an article (as of now),
i just decided to share this with ya'll

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| oh minseok ( an ulzzang); isn't he just so cute? |

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| ekyeom ( another ulzzang); he's hot af |

kpop, jaemin, and nct image Nana, jaemin, and cute image
| na jaemin (nct dream member); the prettiest boy alive uwu |

jeno, nct, and nct dream image lee jeno, nct, and nct dream image
| lee jeno ( another nct dream member); will make your heart flutter quickly with his eyesmiles|

girls generation, snsd, and tiffany image girls generation, snsd, and Sunny image
| tiffany young (former snsd member and is now a solo artist); i can see that she is really dedicated with making music and i like the fact that she has become so professional over the years of being an idol omg i luv her|

Image by ♡♡Rosé♡Park♡♡ Image by ♡♡Rosé♡Park♡♡
| kim jisoo ( blackpink member) ; this woman is soooo cute and talented. if she were to be gf, i would flex her to everyone everyday uwu |

draco malfoy, harry potter, and tom felton image harry potter, draco malfoy, and slytherin image
| draco malfoy ( HP character) ; i see no wrong on having a crush with a fictional character and besides, i really find him cute :> |

i might make a part 2 who knows lmao