Cara Delevingne proved she's not only a really good model, but a great writer as well. If you read a few of mine book reviews yet, you surely know I read young adult books a lot. These books are usually about love and people trying to find themselves. And I'm also in for any crime/thriller books. This book has it all!

This book is about four friends who met thanks to a school project. They started a band. Red, Leo, Rose and Naomi are totally different from each other, but become actually great friends. One day Naomi goes missing. Which wouldn't be unusual for her when she was in depressions, but this time it was a lot different. When they found her she didn't look like she run away. More like someone took her. Red is trying to find out what happened while managing her complicated family life and trying to save her friends. It's a good LGBT book as well, cause Red is actually gay.

I don't wanna tell you more, because I could spoil the story. And I don't wanna do that. I think you should deffinitely check this book yourself. You will love it. Mainly if you for example enjoy books by John Green or Becky Albertali.