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Relax and study in the same sentence? How is it possible? I will show you.
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Have your study desk organized

Having an organized place gives you a feeling of relax, so this is the first step to have good hours of study.

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Plan your study

Write everything you’ll do that day, every matter you have to study (don’t put things that you know you will not have time to do, be realist).

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Put some confortable clothes

I can’t be confortable at home with jeans, so I always study with sportive clothes and my slippers.

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Make breaks

This is also very important to keep your brain attentive!! Put alarms on your phone to eat something.

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Listen to music

If you can’t listen to music without singing and moving try to hear nature sounds or instrumental to relax, it results with me.

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Drink water

While studying our brain makes a lot of effort, so we need to drink a lot of water (water is always better than other drink).

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Use post-its and colorful pens

It will let you more happy!!

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