Writing is a wonderful habit in the world. If want to became a writer, you need to follow some habits in daily habits. Books writing is not easy for humans; it has longest process to publish a book.
Here are some tips for writing Book:
1.Preparing Your Book for Publication
1. Prepare a Manuscript or a Proposal
2. Revise your book.
3. Get feedback on your book
4. Prepare your manuscript
2. Publishing Your Book with the Help of a Literary Agent
1. Research the market.
2. Research literary agents
3. Write a query letter.
4. Take your book to the market
5. Work with an editor.
6. Market your book.
3. Publishing Your Book by Contacting the Publisher Directly
1. Research publishers
2. Write a query letter to the right publishers.
3. If your book is accepted, sign with a reputable publishing house
4. Revise with an editor
5. Market your book
4. Advertise your book.
The final process is printing book in hardcover book binding or softcover book binding. Mostly the books are printed in hardcover. Hardcover is the best and safest printing. The cover is so hard, so it’s doesn’t tear in anymore.
Finally, the books will be published with hard cover book printing. Then you should market your product with online or offline. The online will sale lots of book. The amazon and flipkart is the best Platform to sale the book in online.