5. The Big Bang Theory

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Only sit-com that never gets boring even after 13 seasons. Jokes never gets old, characters never gets old, this show never gets old ! I'm so sorry because they finished it, it's the best sit-com ever. Yes including Friends and How I Met Your Mother. As I said, after 13 seasons I can laugh like first season and show never gets boring and monotone.

4. Outlander

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Only romance show I like. I mean more than like, I love this show ! Characters and story arc is amazing ! I'm in love with every character, and Scotland views... Everything about this show is amazing, once you start to watch you cant stop falling in love with shoe. Except Randall of course.

3. Legion

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This is a show about David Haller, who thinks he is schizophreniac but then we learn that situation is even worse. First season is fantastic, I accept that second season didn't satisfy the expectations but I belive they fix it with third season. I love this show and how crazy David is. Love David !

2. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

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This show is about a woman who lives at 60s and tries to be the perfect wife and mother. When she thinks she is really good at it, her husband cheats her and she starts to question things, she finds herself on a microphone she starts talk and her adventure begins. First season was really good but second season.. this show is fantastic. An amazing period show. Just watch it.

1. Sherlock

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I know this show is so popular but who cares ! I'm a huge fan of show. Love Benedict, love Martin, love johnlock, love everything about show ! I don't think there's still people who still didn't watch the show but if if you didn't go and watch now !