Hey guys, what's up? Happy Monday!

I know that I haven't post anything for a long time but I was on vacation (again) and I didn't have the time to post.

So I was thinking that I always say that books are one of my favourite things in the world but I haven't post any book-themed articles. So that's why today's article is a book review.

Since I read COBAB I loved and I can't wait to share it with you.

So let's begin.

◼Plot :

I'll be honest with you; in the beginning I thought it was boring. But as I was reading it I found it fascinating. It had many plot twists, it made my heart race. I felt agony until the last page and when I finished it my I was shooked. Amari turning into a maji, Zélie and Tzain's father dying an I was like "wtf?".

My favourite scene of the whole book was probably feast. It was the calm before the storm. Every body knew that something bad would happen but nobody could help it. Like who couldn't relate with Amari when she said that during the party she was eating or who didn't laugh when Tzain 'practically exploded in dance'? Ok and then he saw his sister was kissing with their enemy but let's not focus on that.

Another scene that I really liked was when Zélie met and talked to her mother. It was so heart-breaking but still I loved it.

And of course Amari's memories from Binta are just the best. Like from scale from one to ten they are eleven.


My favourite characters are Tzain and Amari.
Tzain was kind of the problem solver but he was also the one who in case of a battle he was on the first line. He actually protected everyone no matter what but he never boasted about that. He was strong and all but he was also kind and caring.
Amari started as the princess who didn't know anything about the life outside the palace and she ended up as strong female character. She's logical she is extremely brave and she sees the good in people. Another thing that made me love her so much is that she was trying to honour Binta. During the journey she appreciated her more and she tried to made her proud. I really liked the character development here.

◼Love interests:

In this section I haven't much to say. It didn't bother me and sometimes it was cute but it wasn't the most appealing for me. Although I liked Tzain and Amari's relationship.

So here my thoughts on COBAB. If you have read it you can send me a message and discuss it or you can tell me what kind of maji you would be. If you have any book recommendations you can also send them.

So that's for today guys.

Hope you liked my article.