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Today I'll introduce you to the colors (les couleurs) in French. Let's start

Bleu (blue)

aesthetic, alternative, and art image heart, light, and green image

Rouge (red)

rose, flowers, and red image dkny, red, and halsey image

Vert (Green)

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

Jaune (yellow)

Inspiring Image on We Heart It aesthetic, beach, and lights image

Rose (pink)

pink, light, and neon image pink and architecture image

Violet (purple)

purple, aesthetic, and light image purple, sky, and lightning image

Orange (orange)

locker, red, and aesthetic image Prada, aesthetic, and orange image

Noir (Black)

black and white, dreams, and quote image girl, blue, and dark image

Blanc (white)

white and flowers image Image removed

Marron (brown)

Temporarily removed aesthetic, eye, and eyeball image

Gris (Grey)

trees image aesthetic, closeup, and clothes image
That's all for this article. I hope you enjoyed it. Kisses, 07-28 💖