this is a list filled with
beautiful, deep and meaningful quotes
source : internet
credits : owner

➸ "not being afraid of being alone
is kind of a bravery too"

➸ "they don't know the stories
behind your scars; but you do
and that is enough..."

➸ "we build new worlds from the ashes
of old flames and wonder why
they never stay burning"

➸ "some memories never leave
because we don't allow them to"

➸ "to conquer your flaws, you
must accept them first"

➸ "letting go is hard , but being
free is beautiful

➸ "we promise forever in a world
where even life is temporary"

➸ "stop planting flowers in people's
yards who aren't going to water them"

➸ "the thing about scars is, they are only
visible to the people who haven't caused them"

➸ "the hardest part about putting yourself
back together again, is remembering
where you burried all of the pieces"