5. Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

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At first I tough this anime wasn't that emotional. First episodes are really good, it makes you wonder what comes next but after the first half it becomes monotone. But somehow you still want to watch it. Because you find a part of you in characters. And in the final... I didn't think I would cry that much. This anime is full of friendship and love and you want to hug all characters. Finale was so emotional I watched it with a sad smile. It's only 11 episodes so I really recommend this anime.

4. Usagi Drop

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It's a slice of life anime but it's more emotional than most of the animes I watched. Anime starts with a man who adopts his aunt. Yes it can sound complicated but it's not. After first episode you find yourself inside an emotional adventure with characters. Watching how they affect each others life was so emotional. I watched every episode with a big smile and a little tear. There's not a big dram that makes you cry but you still cry because of wonderful characters ! Just watch it, I promise you won't regret.

3. Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

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We watch a story of two siblings trying to go home after the Tokyo earthquake. Maybe because I'm a sister too or maybe because it's a real story, this anime touched me so much. I cried every episode because I can't help but think what if I was in that situation with my sister, or if I was Mari what would I do. It makes you be greatfull for things you have. I love this anime so much.

2. Violet Evergarden

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This is one of the most beautiful thing I've ever watch. This is a story of a girl who tries to learn what does ''I love you'' means. I won't talk so much about this anime.Drawings are wonderful and every episode we watch new sad story and we watch how Violet learns what does ''I love you'' means slowly. Just watch it.

1. Your Lie In April

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This anime is my favorite anime but except that, this anime is amazing, Kousei Arima is a boy who can't play piano anymore. And Kaori is a girl who plays violin, somehow they meet each other and Kouseis life changes. After finishing this anime, I get into depression for nearly one month, I'm not kidding. Maybe because I love classic music, or feeling every characters feelings, or watching every characters perspective and understand them, this anime touched me so much. I'm not sure I should recommend it but I'm sure you'll feel every characters pain and happiness. So yeah I recommend it