Hi, here once again! It's me, SilluCupcake and I haven't written an article in a while. But then I got a thought.

I used to do these motivational personalized postcards with my friends that I got on weheartit, here! They would send me quotes and words they felt inspired and uplifted by. I would read it, it would make my whole day a lot better and then I would choose one for them and this goes back and forth.

My friends have gotten busy and sometimes it's nice to get new people to join in on this!

Would you like to be my new motivation buddy?

Mature image

This works as a huge motivator and a mood booster to know that someone chose one picture to lift you up and what they thought that you would need. We go back and forth however we want, sometimes we'd send one a day to each other or just whenever we'd go on weheartit and see that the other has sent something nice again. <3

So, what do you think? If you'd like to start doing this, it's super easy and fun and you can send me one first. Then I'll start sending you back and the transaction begins. Hope lots of you will want to do this with me, but i'll wait and see!

Lots of love, bye.