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australia, Sydney, and beautiful image Sydney, australia, and sunset image
Newtown, Sydney


book, bookstore, and shakespeare image book, cat, and library image aesthetics, beauty, and maroon image Temporarily removed
Black matte paint with bay windows and french doors, a few books and clothes on display, edgy messages on the walls, and a huge red velvet couch!


Image by Psycho Angel black, girl, and outfit image grunge, black, and shoes image fashion, black, and girl image fashion, outfit, and black image black, grunge, and clothes image
Mainly black and red, goth, punk and all types of grunge.


girl, tattoo, and hair image Temporarily removed hair, blue hair, and girl image beautiful hair, happy, and perfect hair image
We wont discriminate, but will hire people who arent hired by others for their piercings, tattoos or hair.


Inspiring Image on We Heart It rock, skull, and black image room, grunge, and bedroom image cat, black, and bat image
Black cat with lil' bat wings, books, band posters, candles, lights, red and black roses.

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