Hey guys!
Today I will write the 30 Songs Challenge again but this time I will only include songs in Spanish. There are many songs in my mother language that I would like to share. So, let's get started!

1. A Song you like with a color in the title

flowers, yellow, and aesthetic image floricienta and flores amarillas image
Flores Amarillas - Floricienta; this is a beautiful song from my childhood

2. A Song you like with a number in the title

22, actress, and Beautiful Girls image 22, actress, and beautiful image
22 - Tini ft. Greeicy

3. A Song that reminds you of Summertime

singer and karol g image waves, blue, and nature image
Ocean - Karol G

4. A Song that reminds you of someone you'd rather forget

girl, girls, and hair image pink and tears image
Fingías - Paloma Mami

5. A Song that need to be played out loud

hp and maluma image quotes, girl, and summer image
HP - Maluma

6. A Song that makes you want to dance

puerto rico, reggaeton, and música image puerto rico, reggaeton, and música image
Soltera - Lunay ft. Bad Bunny and Daddy Yankee

7. A Song to drive to

piso 21 image boys, famous, and music image
Puntos Suspensivos - Piso 21

8. A Song about drugs or alcohol

papi, bad bunny, and x100pre image bad bunny image
Krippy Kush - Bad Bunny

9. A Song that makes you happy

diamonds, gold, and Greece image brrr, pr, and puerto rico image
China - Anuel AA ft. Daddy Yankee, Karol G, Ozuna and J Balvin

10. A Song that makes you sad

colombia, sebastian, and weheartit image aesthetic, artist, and boy image
Un año - Sebastián Yatra & Reik

11. A Song you never get tired of

adan y eva, paulo, and paulo londra image adan y eva, cute, and musica image
Adán y Eva - Paulo Londra

12. A Song from your preteen years

argentina, tan bionica, and chano image amor, tb, and tan bionica image
La melodía De Dios - Tan Bionica; my mum used to put this song everyday

13. A Song you like from the 70s

chiquitita amor image 70's, Abba, and wallpaper image
Chiquitita - ABBA (the version in Spanish bc again my mum was obsessed with it)

14. A Song you'd love to be played at you wedding

So, here's the thing: I think of two song that I already put in the list, which are "Ocean" and "Un año". They're so romantic and the singers have such great voices.

15. A Song you like that's cover by another artist

martina stoessel, ️tini, and tini stoessel image tini stoessel image
Desde cuando - Agustín Bernasconi and Tini (original by Alejandro Sanz)

16. A Song that's a classic favorite

love, music, and frases image aesthetic, alternative, and argentina image
De música ligera - Soda Stereo

17. A Song you'd like sing a duet with someone on karaoke

tini stoessel, martina stoessel, and ️tini image couple, love, and kiss image
Quiero volver - Tini ft. Sebastián Yatra

18. A Song from the year you were born

baile, beautiful, and black and white image meme and asereje image
Asereje - Las Ketchup (there were only memes for this song lol)

19. A Song that makes you think about life

Like I said in the other 30 Songs Challenge, there is not a song that makes me think about life or wonder how our future could be. That's why I am gonna leave this one without a song.

20. A Song that has many meanings to you

gif and tarzan image disney and tarzan image
En mi corazón - Tarzan (song by Phil Collins and in Spanish of course)

21. A Song you like with a persons name in the title

aesthetic, artist, and boy image boys, men, and sebastian yatra image
Cristina - Sebastián Yatra

22. A Song that makes you move forward

buenos aires, drink, and friend image girl, drink, and aesthetic image
Otro trago - Sech ft. Darell

23. A Song you think everybody should listen to

rosalia image aesthetic, coachella, and Queen image
Bagdad - Rosalía

24. A Song by a band you wish were still together

aesthetic, alternative, and boho image Image by Pambisita
Ciudad mágica - Tan Bionica; I do not miss them anyways, they had cool songs but I was not their fan.

25. A Song you like by an artist no longer living

aesthetic, alternative, and argentina image argentina, gustavo cerati, and black and white image
Persiana Americana - Soda Stereo (unfortunately, the lead singer passed away some years ago)

26. A Song that makes you want to fall in love

Image removed lali esposito and una na image
Una na - Lali

27. A Song that breaks your heart

Image removed df, mexico, and Mexico City image
Llorar - Jeesse y Joy

28. A Song by an artist whose voice you love

Image by Enigme Image by Enigme
Mis manos - Oriana Sabatini

29. A Song you remember from your childhood

actress, beautiful, and brown hair image heart, Hot, and patito feo image
Anyone from Patito Feo; it was a TV Show from my childhood and I liked most of the songs

30. A Song you identify with

Image removed Image removed
Soy - Lali; I have to admit that I don't identify myself with this song but I like it bc it is so powerful and beautiful. She has such a good voice.

Alright that was it for today! I am sorry I didn't post anything :( . Hope you liked it as much as I did. Here are my other articles if you want to read more:

I promise I will post more often. I have a lot of ideas, tags, challenge, tips and more to show you. See you in another article!
All my love, Candy